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Jacob Ollivier

Jacob Ollivier
Musical Director

Depending on who’s paying him, Jacob is either a comedian who can play piano, or a pianist that can play a comedian. He studied Comedy Writing and Performance at Humber College, and completed his Bachelor of Arts (HONS) at the University of Salford. He has written many things, including songs like: A Disney Villain Theme for Mark Zuckerberg, the IT ballad Help I’ve Forgotten My Password, and a lactose lament called I Can’t Eat Cheese (God is Dead). He is musically directing in the play you’re about to watch, and his friends and family think he is “pretty funny” and “should try doing something with that”. If you would like him to play piano for money or food, to play at any events, or write you something, or hang out with you (for money), he would love you to contact him at jacobollivier@outlook.com.

He also has a YouTube channel with his work under “Jacob Ollivier”, but he’s just pleased that you’ve read this far. As a reward, look under your seat! Just kidding. If you found anything, Jacob would prefer you return it to the nearest lost and found post-show, but since he has no way of confirming your moral deed, he figures you could probably just keep it. Please send an email with an attached photo of the item, along with any work opportunities.