Kristi Boulton – Red Brick Theatre

Kristi Boulton

Kristi Boulton

Kristi Boulton is a multi-hat-wearing creative living in Ontario. When she’s not voice acting, improving and performing on various stages or playing Beatrix and Suit on her improvised sci-fi podcast, Civilized, you can find her frolicking with puppets, writing plays, taking baths, or reading her favourite books for the 115th time.

Kristi couldn’t be happier to be a part of the End with a Kiss with this lovable crew. From the moment she read the description of the show, she knew it was going to be wild. She hopes you’ll come along for the ride, and thanks for supporting the arts!

You can find Kristi on instagram or twitter at kristi_boulton, or check out her website at!