End With a Kiss – Red Brick Theatre

End With a Kiss

The Hit Hamilton Fringe Festival Show Returns With All Christmas Movies!

The hit of the 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival is back with an all-Christmas movie edition for a limited run!

“End With a Kiss” is a fully-improvised tribute to those ever-present and incredibly-popular formulaic rom-coms: Hallmark movies!

With a few suggestions from the audience, our cast of talented improvisers will create a 90-minute show in the style of Hallmark Christmas movies.

Winner of Best of the Fringe and an audience favourite with multiple sold-out shows, you won’t want to miss this hilarious – and romantic – holiday show!

Show Dates and Times




Creative Team

Created and Produced By
Craig Logue

Directed by
Brie Watson

Musical Director
Jacob Ollivier

About the Show

Winner of “Best of the Fringe” at the 2022 Hamilton Fringe Festival

It’s a modern day fairy tale: a woman in a Big City has a busy career that keeps her on the go, with no time for romance, even though everyone in her life feels that that’s what is missing. Suddenly, she has to go to a small town for work or family, meets or runs into a conveniently-single man who may or may not be someone she went to high school with, and after initially disliking each other, eventually fall in love, but not before she helps with the big event in town and learns that small-town living is superior to Big City life, and why doesn’t she just move (back) there?

The story always ends with a kiss.

Not quite “once upon a time”, this familiar premise has been the formula for many of the approximately 80 movies a year made by and for the Hallmark Channel (licensed by W in Canada), not to mention the copycats that have popped up in the last few years. What started as a handful of movies when the Hallmark Channel launched in 2004 has grown into an entire film industry, producing made-for-TV movies that all follow the same formula, but remain incredibly popular.

Hallmark movies have become famous for their formulaic stories, ridiculous plots, superficial characters, cheesy dialogue, the notion that small-town living is superior to city life, and, of course that love is all that matters. Plus the movies are incredibly wholesome and G-Rated. They’re also watched by millions across the United States and Canada. Everyone has seen at least one.

They’re also mostly shot in Canada, even though they’re almost always set in the US. Many are filmed in and around Hamilton each year.

Red Brick Theatre pays homage to these movies, and pokes a little fun at them, with a twist. Every “movie” we create is different, and there is no script. We make them up on the spot, but following the familiar Hallmark movie formula. Every show is fully improvised by our cast of talented performers, with a few audience suggestions giving us some details from which to create our “movie”. Each show features one 90-minute “movie” that will be unlike the one before it, or the one after.

Of course, every show will end with a kiss!

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